The art of bobbin lace, a popular and very ancient activity, experienced its greatest splendor in Offida between 400 and 500, thanks to the strong demand ...


The lace pillow, a popular and ancient art, have had its maximum importance in Offida, in the province of Ascoli Piceno, between the 1400 and 1500, thanks to the request of lace for a liturgical use; nowadays they are preserved in the monasteries in the area. The birth of the lace pillow art is due to the need of adding to dresses and linen something that had an artistic value and an aesthetic aim, to make them more precious and appealing. Still now the art of the lace pillow is handed down from mother to daughter and the tradition continues, because it is really important for the women that live in Offida, who are proud to feel artists. Today the artisans in Offida make above all doilies, tablecloths, bedspread and napkins: objects whose purpose is only an excuse to exhibit a refined art.


In Abruzzo a lot are the artisans that work hammered copper: this is due to the presence, along the coast, of a great community of gypsies, who are really good in working this material. Today is still possible to find craftmen who keep working by hand some items. Copper is worked with the "hammered tecnique", and it at the end looks like an ancient low relief. Among the most important objects made with this technique there is the bowl with ladle, emblem of the Abruzzo in the world.


From the ancient Roman to the Middle Age, the manufacturing of leather has always been really important. Engravers are considered to be artisans as artists; they made their own masterpieces, really appreciated by the aristocrats of their age, who saw in the engraved leather the emblem of their power and richness. In Abruzzo it is famous the small shop of the Savini brothers, who have exported their works all over the world. One of these is instead exhibited at the MoMA in New York.


Between '200 and '500, the gold craft was very important for all the Abruzzo. A real treasure is instead preserved into the churches one can find all over the Region. The emblem of the goldsmith art in Abruzzo is still nowadays the typical "Presentosa" from Scanno. It is an engagement filagree brooch that means the love for the women of this area: that is why in the middle there are two braided silver hearts that are framed by little gold hearts. Known are also the "Sciacquajje", typical earrings, made between Lanciano and the Majella. The goldsmiths' ateliers are common in all the Region, but Scanno, Pescocostanzo and Guardiagrele are the most important cities.