• Tortoreto Alto
    View of Borgo Antico
  • Tortoreto Lido
    The Sirena
  • Civitella del Tronto
    View of Bourbon Fortress
  • Giulianova
    The Port
  • Atri
    The Cathedral
  • Gran Sasso d'italia
    View of Gran Sasso
  • Pescara
    Sea Bridge
  • Castelli
    The City of Ceramics
  • L'Aquila
    The Basilica of Collemaggio
  • Roccacalascio
    The Castle
  • Vasto
    The Coast of Trabocchi
  • Villalago
    Ponte del Lago of San Domenico
  • Tortoreto Lido
    The Beach

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Itineraries for excursions in Abruzzo

Tortoreto is one of the bathing cities along the Abruzzese coast; its territory is divided into the beach and the village, on a hill. Visited above all in summer, Tortoreto is in a favorable position that allows to explore the whole Abruzzo: the surrounding area is rich in tourist places of interest.

Summer is rich in events, markets, wine and food events, folk traditions and historical commemorations.

Among them the most important is the "Palio del Barone", that happens every years in August, into the village of Tortoreto: it is a commemoration of a Medieval wedding. On this occasion in the whole village it is possible to meet players dressed in costume, that organize medieval games and work in real small shops.

Near Tortoreto, furthermore, the territory offers naturalistic areas where keep in touch with the nature, such as the oasi of the Fonti del Vascello, that hosts a great number of natural sources and different species of animals, and that has a lot of different fun activities to do, such as the water theme park OndaBlu.


Alba Adriatica is one of the last bathing cities along the coast in the North of the Abruzzo, at the border with the Marche Region. It is considered the main center of the "movida" of this area thanks to the numerous pubs but it is also appreciated thanks to its beaches.

Among the main events, the famous summer Carnival, that is usually held the first weeks of August, when Alba Adriatica is invaded by a lot of floats and different type of masks and involves a lot of people coming from all over, just to live an evening in the name of fun!


Even Giulianova is along the Abruzzese coast and it is really well known thanks to its belvedere and to one of the most important Sanctuaries in all the Abruzzo, the Sanctuary of the Madonna dello Splendore, into which flows a water that is considered to be miraculous: a lot of pilgrims come here all year long.

Today is one of the most important places of worship in the area, but it is not the only attractive for the people.

Giulianova has indeed a lot of music, cultural and entertainment events all year long.


Civitella del Tronto was the last Bourbon fortress to fall before the Unity of Italy and still today it overlooks the village; it makes Civitella one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. This fortress is really well preserved and still now preserves the signs of its strategic importance in history (think about the ruins that are exhibits at the Museum of Weapons, into the fortress itself). Nowadays the fortress is the location for events, conferences, exhibitions...

The splendor of Civitella is not only in its fortress but even on the surrounding landscape, where it is possible to find naturalistic areas, such as the Gole del Salinello, the Sant'Angelo and Salomone's Grottos, that are the ideal destination for who loves trekking, climbing, riding and cycling.


Among the little centers of art in the province of Teramo, Campli is a real treasure thanks to its buildings and to the presence of one of the most important Sanctuaries for the Catholic world: the Holy Stairs, where one can have the indulgence by crossing it on his knees and is still nowadays a destination for a lot of pilgrims.

The main square, in the center of the city, hosts wonderful Medieval buildings, such as the "Farnese" Town Hall, that rises in front of the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Platea (1300).
In Campli there is also a district of the National Archeological Museum that hosts the relics found at the Necropoli in Campovalano.

History and art, but Campli is known even thanks to its cooking: very well know and appreciated is the "porchetta italica", that can be tasted all year long but above all in August, during the traditional festival that is held at the end of the month.


Teramo has really ancient roots: it was the most populated center by the Pretuzi people. During the centuries it was dominated by different people, up to be included in the Reign of Sicily.

In the buildings along the historical center one can see the evidences of different eras. The Dome, in the main square of the city, is a real masterpiece, built in 1000: it was built according to the Romanic style and, in a second moment, to the Gothic style.

The Melatino Building dates back to the medieval age, while in '300 was built the majestic building that was the Psychiatric Hospital, nowadays abandoned.

Very important for the city are also the Della Monica's Castle and Palazzo Delfico, while the Lyceum Delfico, built at the early '900, is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Teramo is even place of some archeological sites, such as the Roman Amphitheatre, in the center, and the ruins of some Roman houses, that are spread in all the territory.


Ascoli Piceno, with its historical center almost all in marble, is one of the most beautiful cities in the Center of Italy.

La presenza di torri, sovrastanti tutto l’abitato, dà idea dell’imponenza dell’architettura cittadina, perfettamente rappresentata dalla piazza principale, Piazza del Popolo, dove si trovano il Palazzo dei Capitani e il celebre Caffè Meletti, veri e propri punti di riferimento storici della città.

The numerous towers make the city landscape majestic; very important is the main square, Piazza del Popolo, where are Palazzo dei Capitani and the famous Caffè Meletti, among the most important places of interest in the city. One of the most important events that are held in the city is the "Quintana", a carousel that is held every year, the first Sunday of August, during which in the city one can meet players in costumes, knights, artisans, minstrels and one can plunge into the medieval ambiance.


Along the Riviera delle Palme, San Benedetto del Tronto is one of the bathing cities most known close to Tortoreto.

Characterized by a marvelous promenade, its center is embellished by the Gualtieri Tower, the Guelfa Barracks, the monuments to fisherman and the lighthouse.

In San Benedetto are held all year long events, markets and concerts: the most important events are "L'antico & le palme", antiques market, the "notte bianca" (while all the shops are open all night long), the Maremoto music festival, and all the sport events on the beach.

The numerous pubs along the Riviera, and the chalets, offer, above all in summer, the chance to live cheerful evenings.


Atri is a center of art among the most important in Abruzzo. Set on the majestic "calanchi", its historical center is very enchanting, thanks to the buildings and the wonderful medieval squares, such as Piazza del Duomo and Piazza dei Duchi d'Acquaviva.

Nature and art, of course, but the tourist are interested even in some traditions and events, among them the most important one is the "Faugni".

On the 8th of December is held a holy procession during which high bundles of reeds are set on fire in memory of the farm tradition to set fire on propitiatory fires before the winter solstice.




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